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a few years ago, I meet one guy,  friend of my friend, and we talk , for education.. But, he been very boring, he did not like the same music type I , and others defects .. Okay, the years passed , and we back to talking , and now … wow, he’s a handsome guy , despite having the same appearance of ever , but now , he isn’t boring , he’s good , cool , educated , and, he likes the same kind of music I . So, we are talking more and more, and he called me to go to the movies with some friends of his, and I accepted . We went to cinema , and …. well , we kissed . WAS PERFECT ! . seemed to me that he was completing. Now, he’s  said to me: ” I need your kiss again ” . Rumors say than he in fall in love on me, I don’t know,  I don’t know if I belive, but one thing I know : I need his next to me.

So, this is only a resume that happened with me , from the beginning of the year , but I need to vent, so I will post daily

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